Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Fabulous HELLSBELLES Rock Band

Hi guys! You know when sometimes you keep coming across something and it gets to you '

Well, That has happened to me, You see I keep on coming across a great band called "HELLSBELLES" Yes I have finally got around to including them on this blog site ' ( shame on me ), So here goes,  The band originally formed in leamington spa in 1984 and after coming through the punk era and lots of musicians later, They finally reformed in 1988 With Paul Quigley the original vocalist leading the troop. They have a true heavy Rock Classic sound, with songs like,Abyssinian Demesne & ( why did hey kill ) Joe Hill , The band just can't go wrong! It is not often that you get a band with such history as these guys, They have told me that they will try to come down to Sidcup so I don't have to g too far to see them, Well that would be great I can hardly wait, This band deserves all the respect that they get, So keep up the good work guys and the best of luck for the future !  

You can read about more great bands on this blog and on my website, Also on The Rockhouse Project on facebook, Thank you for reading this blog !

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