Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The changing face of music

Through the years there have been many great artists with great musical ability's, Just yesterday , As I was walking around a large garden centre, The who came on their radio, The song was called Substitute!  I then suddenly realised that the artists and bands have changed a lot over a period of time, For example look at the pictures of the Rolling Stones, The difference now to when they were young is so outstanding' Now look at the pictures of David Bowie, He had so many different ways of how he looked it was hard to know what he would look like the next time that you would see him, Blondie had a great music career but they have really changed, Although Debbie Harry looks sexy even she has changed! Then take Coldplay , Their pictures show a change only after a relatively short time in their musical life,Isn't it a strange thing !  I wonder how artists like JLS or One Direction or Katy Perry will look like in a few years time !

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