Thursday, 9 February 2012

The home of Vox AC30 Guitar amp

In my time,I have seen some wonderful musical equipment like Fender & Gibson guitars, Marshall amps,Yamaha piano's,etc, But the most interesting bit of gear I have ever seen or heard is the sound of a VoxAC 30 guitar amp from the 1960s, The amp was first made in Dirtford ( sorry Dartford) in Kent in the 1960s , The amp was so successful that nearly every band in that era had at least one in the band. The Beatles made the AC30 famous and other bands followed suit , that made the sales of this brilliant little amp go sawing sky high and that made the little 30 watt valve amp a great name in the music industry, The AC30 with its EL34 valves ( tubes ) was a rugged reliable piece of equipment that will always be sought after '

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