Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Luminoth Progressive Rock Band

I got a follow from a band on Twitter called Luminoth! So I thought I would investigate to see what they were all about '  Boy Did I have a nice surprise! The Band are from Knoxville ,TN,  They are a progressive Rock band and are very talented indeed! The sound is exciting with heavy Drums and great guitars with a deep rich bass, And to top it all their vocals are great, The band is made up with Adam Henry (Guitar & Vocals) John Springer(Bass & Vocals) Jason Henry (guitar) and Paul McGee ( Drums) Songs are , The Journey, Running with scissors, Pacemaker,Pluto, and  The Tide. Their songs are a breath of fresh air to the music industry! So Watch out for these guys, They are going to be BIG !


  1. Hi! I know Luminoth personally, especially the drummer, Paul. I, too, am on blogspot, and find myself writing about them in my posts, but differently from how you do it. Here is a link to a more recent blog post:
    I'd like to hear back from you if possible.

  2. And here is another one in which Luminoth is included:

  3. And another one, still.