Saturday, 11 February 2012

Music through the decades

The amount of music that has hit our ears through the years is when you think of it enormous' Today I will start with the 1970s, The bands and artists at the time were great in music quality and  a vast selection of music existed, Bands like the OJs, Shakatack, Chic to mention a few, were pounding the charts with their Disco music'  Then there was artists like Mark Bolan with T Rex, Roxy Music, David Essex, David Bowie and of course Queen ! These are only but a few of many bands and artists that were making records  to fill our charts, Of course things are very different today' We have bands like JLS, One Direction, Littlemix, And Singers like Katy Perry, Jessie J, Emimem, Professor Green  , Kalvin Harris etc, My how the music scene has changed!

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