Sunday, 5 February 2012

Some more of my history

Just to put the record strait, When I was 14 years old, My late sister Peggy,was  going out with John Hall, I was then known as Chris Barnes!, She  one day said to me, Chris,My fella is starting up a band  are you interested, Yes I said, So we teamed up with John, He already had a guy on rhythm guitar but needed more members of the band! John could not make up his mind weather he wanted to play drums or bass or whatever , In the end he decided on drums! I joined as guitar/vocal,  My sister Peggy joined as a singer, As the band struggled to think of a name, My sister said ,Why don't we call the band the Equals to stop us arguing who is going to be the leader of the band, We stayed with the band for a few months , And then agreeing that nothing would ever come out of the band , We left , This was in late 1964, Well to our surprise , A year later the band had reformed along with John was friends Lincoln & Dervin ,some other guy on bass, and to top it all Eddie Grant lead the band!   They went on to be successful with a NO 1 hit Baby come back, You could say we missed the boat,No hard feeling guys.The band started in John's mums house in Hornsey north London, And we only lived down the road in Upper Holloway N19, Small world Isn't it?

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