Friday, 24 February 2012

The Worshyp Rock Band

Yet another follow on twitter! The Worshyp Heavy Rock band from Toronto, Canada, Have made my ears turn up and listen! The Band has a great driving sound with great sounding vocal power and some great riffs, Coupled with some great lead guitar solo's and riffs, The band is in a league of their own!  Formed by Marz Nova ( Singer Guitarist ) the other members are Thor Rune ( Guitar ), Mig Diablo ( Bass ) & KK Devina ( Drums I think ) Debut album is Kingdom Earth, The new album is Evil Abounds, These guys are worth a listen ,So check them out on you tube, We are going to hear a lot more from this great band ! Songs are ,Thunderman, Seven deadly sins, & the graveyard, Is just a few of the songs that you will hear,So do yourself a favour and hear this band out!


  1. This band has an amazing sound I have never heard before. They are really awesome. Marz Nova has a voice that blows my mind;-)

  2. The Worshyp is amazing if you haven't picked up the CD'S yet then you should.Evil Abounds is by far the most Epic CD i have heard this year.Marz Nova is a very talented man with a voice that is out of this world..