Sunday, 25 March 2012

The fabulous BLONDIE

You know' One of my favourite bands was BLONDIE, Right through their career , They never made a bad record!  Lead by Debbie Harry on vocals, Blondie had a host of hits like Heart of glass, Denis, The tide is high, Sunday Girl, Rapture, Atomic is just to name but a few'  Blondie was made up of, Debbie Harry(vocals) Clem Burke(drums)Jimmy Destri(keyboards)Nigel Harrison(bass)&Frank Infant(guitar) Chris Stein(guitar), Together they made a revolutionary sound in the early 70s right through the 80s etc, Debbie's Sexy looks and voice helped to make most of their records to become hits ! Sadly there is not a band that can replace Blondie as they had such a unique sound !

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