Saturday, 3 March 2012

Going back in time

I thought I must go back in time with a band called The Shadows,  They started in the late 1950s and was originally called The Drifters, But had to change the name as the American Drifters were not happy about the name duplication! So the Shadows was born, Backing a man called Cliff Richard ( Harry Webb) , They started something really big! Little did they know how big they would end up!  With records like , I love you, Move It, Theme fore a dream, Apache, FBI, Contiki, Wonderful Land, The list goes on and on, The Shadows became legends in their own right with Hank Marvin leading the band which was Bruce Welch, Jet Harris And Tony Meeham, The sound was so great that almost everything that they released was a hit, The Shadows was my Idols at the time , And I wanted to play like Hank Marvin as did all kids of that era, What a great Band!  

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