Monday, 30 April 2012


Well, I have heard some Rock Bands in my time, Iv' heard Great ones, Silly ones, Odd ones,and the occasional Bad ones, But this next one that I am about o share with you is completely different!
 The Band Does not play Guitars or Keyboards or Bass Guitars ! But A Violin, An upright Bass and a set of drums,  Strange as it may seem , They have a great Rock sound  and athough a bit weird at times , They are compelling to listen to,

Presenting  THE DANGLERS ( alternative Rock Band )


The Danglers have been – ahem – dangling around the music scene since 1997 and consist of three progressive rock enthusiasts from Milwaukee: Jason Loveall (Violin/Vocals), David Gelting (Upright Bass/Vocals) and John Sparrow (Drums).
What makes The Danglers different is their penchant for combining classical instruments with heavy drum beats and screeching rock vocals – they seem love electric violin solos, which is lucky, because so do I.
They mix Jazz, Classical, Heavy Metal and Punk genres to create something very unique, but still catchy enough to sing in the shower. Over their fifteen year career they have released four studio and three live albums, but if they are only just entering your radar as you read this, don’t be alarmed: all Dangler recordings have been self-financed as well as self-distributed so the lack of a huge budget has limited their media presence, but once you find them they truly are a hidden gem.
Their latest effort is the miserable – but hauntingly good – and broken-hearted New Years Song, which was released at the end of last year.
Lead singer Jason has a hazy, soulful voice and, as with all their other releases, their music has an incredible live feel. No matter where I listen to this song: on the bus, at home or while doing the washing up, I feel like I am in a dirty underground bar swaying as the smoky room vibrates along to the bass.
These guys are a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of electric violin, stand-up bass and drums, their line-up includes past members of the Violent Femmes, The Tossers and Avalon Four. For what is essentially a group of middle-aged men playing instruments that shouldn’t go together, this trio manages to be surprisingly upbeat and their music works really well. Definitely worth a listen.

So there you have it, This band will give you free music downloads if you go to their website! A worthwhile band to listen to !

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