Thursday, 5 April 2012

Laura Wilde, Rock Chick

This entry is about a young Rock Chick called Laura Wilde! Due to her following me on twitter, I just had to have a listen, And you know me enough now to know that I love good Rock Music, Well this pretty faced lady who looks like an angel is well to be reckoned with! Laura is a singer / songwriter who also plays Lead guitar, Bass guitar & Drums ,Not only does she play these instruments really well, She has a great singing voice as well! So you can see why I was so eager and honoured to write about her on this blog site!  Laura(22) has been playing these instruments even in her teens and was then putting  bands together, What a talented lady ' Her song "Sold my soul" with an album of the same name, Has a great Rock sound and she is known as Australia's new hard rock queen' Laura is from Melbourne Australia although her follow on twitter was from LA, I think she is fabulous, So If you have not checked her out yet ,Then do so ASAP you wont regret it

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