Friday, 13 April 2012

Step Echo Rock Band

Just as I thought it was safe to go on to my E-mail page, I got a Following from another great Rock Band,  Yes You read it right, Another Canadian Rock Band Called  STEP  ECHO , The band from St Cathrine's,ON, CA,were formed in Niagara Falls, Are a truly great Rock band of excellent musicianship right the way through their music,Their sound as a Rock band can not be faulted in any way, They really have a full sound !  Members are, Aki Maris(Bass guitar), Joel Degonia (Vocals), Les Serran (Guitar ), and  Brian Hamilton ( Drums),
 Their songs are, Champagne cocaine, Jagged, Just as messed as you, Crazy, Pieces of me, Eyes of a stranger ( Payolas cover ), This band should go a long way in the Rock music industry !

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