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The English Rogues

 This is The ENGLISH ROGUES  Rock Band.    This band was playing at the Seven Stars Pub on Friday 11th May 12, And they rocked the place,The band is a three piece from South London , and have a great sound, Please read biography bellow !
Gerry Sherwin is not only the the lead vocalist and bass player of the band but he is also the Founder of "English Rogues".
Gerry's first serious gigging band was "Refugee" with Paul Samson on guitar.
In the mid 70's Gerry formed "Hotline" with Dave Colwell on guitar and Pete Jupp on drums.
This band was the forunner of "English Rogues".
The band has toured not only the UK but EUROPE supporting top acts over the years.
Before and after forming the "English Rogues" Gerry played/continued to perform with various other bands.
Bands that he was involved with Include:

Gerry Sherwin is a professional musician and has dedicated his life to music.
As soon as he was old enough and had come of age he was out there gigging and on the road.
He has worked with many names within the business and the band has been the support act for many top bands of today & yesterday.
Gerry has shared stages with names such as:
  • Thin Lizzy.
  • Manfred Mann's Earthband.
  • Garry Moore.
  • Ian Gillan's Band Gillan.
  • Supertramp.
  • Dr Feelgood.
  • Katrina & The Waves.
  • Saxon.
  • UFO.
  • Twisted Sister.
  • Samson.
  • Groundhogs.
  • Argent.
  • Budgie.
  • Girlschool.
  • Steve Marriott and Many more.
Gerry has spent all of his life acquiring his own unique sound,
vocally and through his bass playing. Gerry has had many influences over the years. Influences, favourite singers & bands include:
  • Paul Rodgers
  • Bob Seger
  • Otis Redding
  • Rod Stewart & Steve Marriott of "The Faces / Small Faces"
Gerry's equipment comprises of:
  • Rickenbacker Bass.
  • Acoustic Bass Amplifier and Fender Cab.
  • Sure SM58 Vocal Mice.

The band have a Great Rock sound and played a sellection of classic rock song covers , The musicianship was superb to say the least and some great guitar solo's were played' The Bass was rich and deep coupled with great drumming, the whole sound was just great !

Dan first met Gerry at a jam in Greenwich, where they played some blues with Guitarist/Vocalist Mike Panos. From then on, Dan showed up at Gerry and Chase's jams on a regular basis.
It soon became clear from the ease at which he was able to interact with Richard and Gerry, that if ever the band needed a new guitar player, Dan would be the man for the job.

Since joining the band in September 2009, he has been given an extremely enthusiastic reception at every gig. Dan completes what is without a doubt a classis Rogues line up.
Dans principal stage guitar is a Gibson Les Paul, but he also uses Rally guitars fitted with Mightymite pickups. He uses Laney amplification.
Dan's equipment is comprised of:
  • Gibson Les Paul.
  • Laney Amplification.
  • "SM58" Vocal Microphone.

Richard Allen joined the English Rogues in January 2006. He is the latest edition to the band.
Richard is a very accomplished drummer with much experience and sophisticated technique.
Richard has been drumming since the early age of 13 and has had tuition from various professional drum tutors.
His idols comprise of:
  • "Dave Weckl"
  • "Steve Gadd"
  • "Steve Smith" and many other great Drummers over the years.

He has spent most of the years of his life performing, recording & gigging live in various bands playing many different styles and developing his drumming technique & vocabulary of styles.
He has been on recording session's with many known artists such as Terry Clemson and has appeared on several albums with many different bands.

Richard uses a "Premier" drum kit:
  • 22' Bass Drum.
  • 12' & 14' Tom Toms.
  • 14 - 5' Snare (Richard also occasionally uses a 14' – 5' "Pearl" Brass Edged Snare).
He uses "Premier" Hardware.

He also uses a combination of makes of Cymbals to get the acquired sound that he has for playing live.
He uses:
  • 14' Istanbul Hi-Hats.
  • 18' Istanbul Crash.
  • 22' Ride.
This band are a great live act to watch ,So next time they are in you'r town, Go to see them play!
please watch out for more great Bands & Artists here on Paul Burns Music Blog, Also look out for the ROCKHOUSE PROJECT by your's truley !

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