Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Greenfire Band

Please read the short biography bellow !

GREENFIRE brings together an eclectic mix of talents from different musical genres.
Each track in its own way influenced by the classical upbringing of DeStaedtler with the provoking
and often angst ridden vocals of Samuels breaking out in the temperamental and emotional content
of guitar driven Rock. Mixing the songwriting with the jazz funk influenced basslines
and the thunder drums of Harland has given the band an opportunity to break from the rules of any
one style and keep out of any pigeonhole.

The latest promotional CD, ‘Time Is The Enemy’ showcases the abilities of Greenfire, spotlighting
a particular band member on each track, from the driving riffs and fluid, screaming guitars of
De Staedtler on In My Eyes, to a body invading bassline in Selling the Dream, and the
rapid percussive abilities of Harland on Constant Rewind. The powerful melodies of Jo Samuels
hiding deep, innovative and often emotional lyrical content bring together the music and
give that distinctive sound that Greenfire make their own. You only have to hear Plaintive and
In My Eyes to recognise how successfully the varied musical styles bond together.

Jo Samuels – Vocals
Mark De Staedtler – Guitar
John Harland – Drums
Steve Beharrell – Bass

I recently saw the videos of this band on you tube, And although the recordings were not very clear, They still sounded pretty good, They also had two sexy girl singers on the stage with them and an array of musical instruments etc, This band should be a big success in their own right !
 You can check out more bands on this site & on the Rockhouse Project page on facebook, Also on my website !

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