Friday, 24 August 2012

Congrats to Littlemix,But do we need the X Factor etc

One Direction

Hi folks, Before I start, I must congratulate Littlemix on the release of their debut single which is out for sale this Sunday,Well done girls!   Now the question is, Do we really need these reality talent shows ?,  After all , Only a handful of the contestants that win have got a good career out of them shows!  If you think about it, The best way to get a good career in music is through good honest clean hard work and an attitude to succeed in the music business, Even then it can be gruelling for some artists who think that they are better than they really are and that is then another problem that they have! So the real conclusion is, Don't rely on talent contests because you will only end up in tears or very upset indeed as they will drop you like a hot potato after a year if they think you are not going to make them any money and that is the bottom line of it! There will be occasional Bands that will get the high life, An example are One Direction, and Leona Lewis ,But the rest have almost certainly fell by the wayside,  So, If you don't want disappointment, Do it on your own merits!
      Leona Lewis 
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