Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Frankie Doll & the Broken Toys Rock Band ( Canada)

Hi, I have just come across a Rock Band called
    Frankie Doll & the Broken Toys, Wow, Boy can this band kick ass, They have a great Rockin'sound with great musicianship and not only that,They Have a Sexy Girl Singer who can really belt out a song, Bio is bellow !

Franki Doll & The Broken Toys
So Cal, CAAlternative / Pop / Alternative / Rock


Members: Franki Doll - VOX, Jenson Avery - DRUMS, Chris Khaos- Guitar, Alex Smith - Guitar, Andy "the arm" Montana - Bass
Sounds Like: My Chemical Romance, MCR - My Chemical Romance, The Used, Paramore, Mindless Self Indulgence
Label: NONE

Songs  are 

       I should be Sleeping                                                                                                 

       I Wanna Rock - For Xmas
  • Morphine Lollipop
  • I Should Be Sleeping
  • A Song For The Devil
  • A Song For You
  • Fairy tails and nightmares
The Band from Canada realy do sound good, So If you like good honest Rock with a sexy voice,Then this is the band for you! This is the best sound I have heard with a Girl Singer since Blondie who I love to bits !Not only that, They Look good too, So look out for these guys,You know it makes sense!

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