Friday, 12 October 2012

Kascarade Rock Band

Here is a great Band called  KASCARADE who have a great sound,Their Rockin' rhythm and great musicianship coupled with great vocal performances, Make this band a great one so check them out!
In the latter months of 2010, the Bradford music scene was extended yet again by witnessing the birth of the five piece band, Kascarade. As the band’s construction plan evolved, three former members of the Bradford based band Faze, joined forces with two more handpicked musicians, leading them to be a circle of brothers from another mother. In the process, they moulded and welded to create a fresh approach to the new ‘drum and keys’ driven feel, to the already guitar based indie/pop crossover. With the natural fusion of the synth, energetic organ, guitar and drum based melting pot, the band churned out a hinge and bracket of modern, yet retro music. However, you can tell a cracking band when you can feel the music as well as hear it. Put it this way, their live shows are an exhibition of energy from the core of their music!
The name ‘Kascarade’ however, was cleverly formed on wordplay; if you try looking it up in the dictionary, you’ll get nowhere. Then again, marry “cascade” and “kascadia” together and you’re three quarters of the way there. To complete the name as lead singer Matthew Milnes puts it, “it’s a bit of one of his favourite liquid beverages, Lucozade”. The band thought the ‘sound’ of the word slotted neatly with the new sounds they were concocting to produce a refreshing take on British rock. Now that’s some trivia for all those Kascarade fans!
Made up of four Bradford boys and one Leeds lad, Kascarade are doing their duty for charity too. Having organised and hosted two successful live music events in support of the late PC David Rathbands ‘Blue lamp Foundation’, they raised much appreciated funds for those injured whilst serving in the emergency services.
Kascarade are currently self-managed and independent of any labels. Nevertheless, with the forthcoming release of their latest single,Coming Back To Me, due out in April, band members Matthew Milnes, LukeMilnes, Adam BrankinEP, Consider This, due for release this summer, it’s pretty damn certain they’re planning to show the rest of the UK that music, bands and artists are truly live ‘n’ kicking in this part of the world!

We are so used to being an unsigned independent artist, that the only thing we think about is creating good music, something that we love doing and are proud to be showing off to others. With all the ways there are now to put the music across, there’s no excuses not to be getting our music out there into the world. But a bit of help in getting a debut album release wouldn’t go amiss either. Wink wink!” - Maf, lead singer and rhythm guitarist.

Kascarade’s brand new single Coming Back To Me will be released online absolutely free in late April, followed up by two more tracks in the coming months. The three track CD Consider This is due for release this summer.
By Kathryn Longbottom  Go to this E-mail address to hear their music and see their videos!

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