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Wayne Jacobs ( Country Singer) Erith England.

As I was looking around Morrison's today, I picked up a free copy of the Bexley Times, On the front was a picture of a man playing a guitar with a Stetson on his head, The cover read , Wayne's Country world, So I was curious and took a copy home, On reading it I was Amazed at the fact that this man comes from Erith Kent, Not too far from my homeland in Sidcup, I read the article about this country singer / Songwriter, I just had to go to his reverbnation site page to investigate his sound, Wow what a great sound this man makes! His voice is like silk and is every bit country, His songwriting skills are second to none, If you have not heard this man sing ,Then you must make it your priority as he is superb!

Wayne Jacobs / Biography

From:  Erith , Kent ,United Kingdom.
The type of music I like to write is very catchy with a great hook, also about my life and everyday living. I just want to reach out to the world and make people happy. I have written a patriotic song for Big Ben's Birthday of 150 years, having a heart beat that can be felt and heard around the streets of London and
Also for the London 2012 Olympic Games. I've written a Christmas carol the was sang at the Tower of London by a magnificent choir this Christmas just passed. Thank you so much for all your support and for listing to my song Wayne.

Wayne is an Award Winning professional songwriter composer, who had a Number One Country hit song in Nashville Tennessee called, "My Tennessee Girl" that he wrote as a tribute to Johnny Cash.
On the 1st September 2012 Wayne has just won 2012 Listeners Club Award with is country song called Kentucky Whiskey
All wayne's Award wining songs he writes are produced by and Tom Manche.
Wayne as been extremely successful in songwriter and performing.
When he was an teenager in 1980s, he went to night school for three and a half years and was taught by a folk singer called Pauline.
Wayne wrote a couple of songs, one for is mum and another called "One Way Ticket" which was a Reggae song that was a tribute to Bob Marley.
Pauline said he was an awesome songwriter.
Whilst his children grew up, he put his guitar away for about twenty years.
Over the last eight years, he as been playing and writing song again.
Wayne as had some great success with his songwriting.
He wrote a song for the 2012 London Olympics to celebrate Big Ben's 150th birthday.
This led Wayne to a tour of the famous clock tower where where he walked up 334 steps to the top and sang his song to the MP's, tour guides, tourists and clock makers.
Wayne also has written Christmas carols for the Tower Of London which were sung by a magnificent choir in there 12 century chapel where Ann Berlin was laid to rest.
As a performer, he beat off 10,000 other hopefuls to reach the area finals of Live And Unsigned: Open Mic UK, Britain Does Variety and also reached the finals of the World Championships of Performing Arts.
Wayne as appeared on the Pat Marsh live show on BBC Radio Kent.
He as had his country songs played on Hot Country on Sky TV,
UK Country Radio, Big Cactus Radio, ,Jelly Bean Radio, DCWR Dímelocountry Web Radio and had a number one country song on Wild Horse Radio in Nashville Tennessee in August 2011
Wayne just recently reached the Final on UK Country Radio's 2011 Listeners Club award.
And in 2011 the Final of The Great American songwriting contest out of the whole wide world of songwriters with his country song called "An Awesome Six String Fender

As you can see from the pictures, Wayne also looks the part for country music, Go Check him out !
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  1. Hi Paul,
    Wow !! what a surprise, thank you so much for this amazing write up much appreciated and unexpected.
    I'm just a singer songwriter from Erith who just loves to write and share my songs with the world.
    God bless you.