Monday, 3 December 2012

Violet and the TransAtlantic Soundlab

I Present to you a very unlikely link between two artists, One is a young lady called Violet who lives in the USA and the other is a musician from the UK, The funny thing is that they have never actually met! Read their biography bellow and see what I mean!

Rank #30Philadelphia, PAIndie / Alternative / Indie Rock
Violet and the TransAtlantic SoundLab

Goddess of the Sea
Members: Violet Alexandrea
                  Paul 'Mabzi' Mahabir

Songs are....

Goddess of the Sea                                               This Eternal Moment                                          "A Summer Embrace"
  Perpetual Emotion
 "The Chance"   


 Violet and the TransAtlantic SoundLabs Questions that were asked by their fans !
Q: Can you reveal any of the technical details of your "long distance" recording process? AM thinking of doing the same.
A: First I think it is important to really click with the person you are going to collaborate with remotely. That is really key! So you want to make sure you have a good energy together. If you don't, the music will definitely reflect this. As far as the technicalities, basically, the main aspect is getting the recording details in place on each side of the ocean. You must make sure the equipment that each person is using is compatible to share and work with back and forth. I suggest the use of skype, email and twitter. By communicating a lot, you will get to have a better familiarity with each other even though you have never met. That will definitely come across in the music. More questions? Don't hesitate to reach out. Warm Regards, Violet  Asked by David Namerow (Freelance Congas/Hand Percussion). Answered on Wed Oct 17 2012


So you see what I was saying at the beginning of this blog entry is quiet remarkable, The fact that these two individual artists can record from both sides of the world is fantastic!  Good Luck to both of them! Look out for this Band as I think they will eventually make it in the music industry, Their music is soothing to the ear and almost hypnotic! Well done guys keep up the good work!
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