Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Kill Kasper Rock Band

Let me introduce you to ...KILL KASPER ( Rock Band) I must say that I have listened to this band on Soundcloud and they sound great! They are like a cross between Kieser Chiefs and U2, Let me explain, Their vocals remind me of the Kieser Chiefs but the lead guitar also reminds me of U2, so you have the added bonus of better vocals than U2 and a great lead guitar along with a pounding rhythm and powerful drums, Well done lads for producing such a great sound! This is their short bio.

Kill Kasper are a 4 piece from Portsmouth, England, making loud, dirty rock music in a old ammunitions dump in a quiet part of the city.
We don't care if the music is fashionable or not and we aren't trying to be the next big thing. We're just making tunes we're passionate about and hope a few of you out there dig them too.
Kill Kasper are:
Jamie Kasper - Vocals, guitars
Paul Karuana - Lead Guitars
Matt Knight - Bass
Sean Kenneally - Drums & Keys
The debut EP, 'Stuck Between The Devil & The Blues In Drop C' was produced by Tom Loffman and recorded at Bryn Derwen Studios in Bethesda, Wales. 

With their rich earthy sound, This band is hard to ignore , Once you start to listen you have to stay listening till the end of each tune, I would recommend them to any real rock fans any time! It just goes to show how Rock music has evolved in these present years!

I must certainly say that the music from this band is well written , Well produced, and we should hear a lot from this band in the near future, So do yourself a favour , Go to soundcloud  and have a listen to this band !

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