Sunday, 24 February 2013

We should return to VINYL RECORDS !

Why is it that when we have something that really works well, Some one comes along with an idea that replaces it and spoils the original thing that it was at the beginning! Take The Record , Be it 45 or 33 or just 12", The record worked well for years and years, I personally think that the simple gramophone record is better than the CD as you can relate to it more by seeing it going around on the turntable and you can mix much better with vinyl than you can a cd! It also looks more attractive than the cd and seems to be more personal in the record collection box! It's ok for the boffins to say that the quality is better on a cd, But I do not agree with that, Play them side by side through a disco amp of good quality and the vinyl wins hands down with more output and better bass response, So come on record company's BRING BACK THE GRAMOPHONE RECORD ! 

A modern record deck still used by good dj's to this day!
 And this is where it all started !
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