Tuesday, 28 May 2013

HMV to start vinyl sales again !

Hi , I am so pleased , On Saturday 25th May, We went up to Bromley in Kent to get a present for my birthday that was the day before, We decided to go in to HMV in Bromley High Street, In conversation with the assistant, He told us that they were opening up a new vinyl section in their shop, Wow' I  nearly jumped for joy at this news as it has been long overdue as far as I am concerned. So come on all you vinyl freaks like me, Make sure you visit he HMV shop in Bromley   high street, Kent to MAKE VINYL LIVE again! This is the best news I have heard in years, Well done HMV!

Anyway,,Records have much more character than the common CD as you can physically get involved in playing the songs on a record , And you can watch it go around on the turntable plus the sound is better if played on good equipment!
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