Sunday, 19 May 2013

Vinyl Records vs CDs

Hi it's me yet again, Yesterday I was sorting out my vast vinyl collection , Oh boy what to keep & what to sell, What a dilemma !  After doing all that sorting and playing some of the ones that I was not sure about, I suddenly thought to myself, Why on earth did they have to go and invent the CD !  The modest  little record has character as the common CD has no style, You can't watch it play like you can a record and it seems to be so clinical! Whats more If played through the right equipment, The vinyl record actually has a far better quality than the CD, That's why DJs and folk alike prefer VINYL, So come on all you record company's out there, Get your arses in the groove and BRING BACK VINYL !  That's probably why shops like Our Price and other record shops are ceasing to exist, What a great shame that is !

It is obvious that the record has more style than the CD, What do you think? .

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