Friday, 12 July 2013

Music is love

Hi folks, When you listen to music, Do you like soft soothing sounds , Or are you a Rocker at heart ? , Well I always say that no matter what kind of music you like or play, The best kind is written with love, After all music is the love of my life, I have played and listened to all kinds of music through out my life, My favourite is of course Rock, But I do like other music too such as Club, Pop, Reggae, Country Rock,and even some Classical music at times,My list goes on and on, Just think how boring life would be without music of some sort. When I write a song, I try to put something of my life into it, Sometimes I find it hard and other times I get inspired easy, Still it is nice to know that music is still a great part of most people's lives, Here are some pics bellow, Happy listening !


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