Thursday, 22 August 2013

Colvane alternative indi music dou USA

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Alternative music Band Colvane USA

Introducing....COLVANE  alternative independent music duo, A man and wife team that have a very interesting sound indeed, All their music on Reverbnation is recorded live and only with a fab guitar and a beautiful lead voice of his wife  Danny Colville  accompanies his wife Diana ,in the most unique playing style, Please read about them in their own words bellow !

{{{ ColVane }}} We are a Husband & Wife band based in OHIO. 
We are an all original band writing, recording and performing all of our own music. 
Our recording Label is our own "Wicked Child Recordings" 
All music is recorder live in our studio at home, no dub's are ever used... 
our music is a blend of folk/country/blues and rock to give us our special sound... 
We are played on over 250 radio stations around the world and growing with each day. ColVane was also voted best BLUES/ROOTS ARTIST FOR 2012 BY CRUNCH RADIO IN PA. this was very exciting for us ! and again we thank all of you for voting for us.We thank all our many fans around the world for your emails, We try hard to answer each one, YOU our FANS are most important to us! with out you requesting us on radio we would not be climbing as we are. 
Please keep the emails a coming and keep requesting ColVane on your local radio stations. 
Radio Stations:request our music by sending an email to: 
ColVane promotes Love and Peace with our music, We are against WAR'S !, HUNGER, Greed , We also protest the loss of American JOBS! due to companies relocating to other countries to pay pennies on the dollar for wages! 
We also protest against Child and Drug abuse of any kind ! 
We believe all men and women should share in the wealth of the world! not just a few self appointed !!!! 
Thanks to you all 
Dan & Diana,

That was their own words, But I think they are going to be a big part of the Indie scene in the near future, Please look out for them as I am sure we will be hearing a lot from them, Their musical ability is second to none ! The best of luck to Danny and his wife Diana for the future !

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