Sunday, 15 September 2013

Devils in Angels Rock Band USA

I was browsing on facebook as you do, When I came upon an interesting flyer for a Rock/Metal Band from the USA, The band has an unusual name called  DEVILS in ANGELS, What a great name for a Rock Band ! , Well I decided that with a name like that , They Must be a good Band,  I of course was right, In fact they are a GREAT band !  The Lady Lead singer has a powerful voice indeed, And the musicianship is superb, Their musical sound is second to none and the Lead guitar really does make your ears prick up and listen, ( Fab stuff ) , Here is a short Bio.....

Members: Angelina Van Arden (Lead Singer), Daniel DeRomo  (Guitarist), Paul Daylee (Drummer), Will Hart (Bassist)
Sounds Like: Devils In Angels, Angelina van Arden, Daniel DeRomo, Jack High, Will Hart
Label: MM Music
Manager: Daniel DeRomo
Bio: Welcome to "Devil's iN Angel's". Where we still welcome all of our friends from all
over the world that are always ready to rock. In our new home we will try to provide you with
the latest in our current miss deeds as we try to perform for as many friends as possible. 

I must say that I am very impressed with this Band's music !

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  •  I am sorry that I could not get any other info on this great Band !

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