Monday, 30 September 2013

Reel To Reel Tape Machines Return !

After Looking on E-Bay for quite  some time for a second Reel to Reel Tape machine for my studio, I have come to a conclusion that the lovely old Reel to Reel is making a big come back!, I have been outbid so many times that there must be a lot of folk buying them all, I already have a Teac Professional   Machine and just yesterday I picked up an Akai  2 speed machine, Even Barry Gibb Has decided to go back to Tape as he recons it has more character than the digital system,  I have got both systems and I still like tape the best ! 

Akai 2 speed Reel To Reel machine.
Lets hope that the trustee Reel to reel has a great future in the music industry , After all , The Legendary Joe Meek used tape and made some fabulous records like Telstar ( The Tornados ) and Johnny Remember me ( John Leyton) Are just a couple of songs from the 1960s that were recorded on tape before transferring them on to Vinyl 45rpm records, And don't forget, It was in Mono then, Now the tape machines are in stereo format which makes them sound even better !

Joe Meek in his 1960s Holloway road Studio.

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