Saturday, 7 September 2013

Selina gale Singer / Musician from Reading UK

I was just flipping through facebook as you do, When I came across  a Young lady singer / musician from Reading UK, She has a great voice and plays the guitar well, She is also a pretty young lady, Although she has not had much experience in the music industry, I think that with some determination and some practise, She will be a great artist. See bio....

                          SELINA GALE

20 year old singer from Reading UK
Studies Music Performance at Access To Music in Bristol UK

My name is Selina gale
I am 20 years old and I live in Reading
I am a musician and currently study in Bristol with other amazing musicians
I have been a musician myself for 15 years now and there's nothing I'm more passionate about than music
I have only recently starting singing with a guitar so this page is hopefully going to how what I can do and I hope to gradually get better at them both
Hope you do enjoy my music!! :)
Basic Info
Joined Facebook 08/08/2013
Genre Pretty much will sing anything so pitch ideas to me!
Hometown Reading

Current Location Reading/Bristol

So keep a look out for this young lady as I think she will go a long way in the future, Good luck with your music Selina x

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