Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bring Back Real Musicians

Hi I am gonna' have a bit of a moan again 
about the music that is in the charts and on our TVs , You see Most of the so called bands Look and sound like One Direction, Now I have nothing against One Direction, It is just that every time I hear the words Boy Band, I realise that they will have 4 or 5 members and always one that looks like Harry Styles, Not that it is a bad thing to look like him, But why do they always look and sound almost the same ? Of course I blame programs like the X Factor & Britains got Talent etc for manufacturing these bands who do not play their own instruments hence they have to rely on Backing tacks to perform and a lot of them mime anyway ! The trouble is that young girls will buy their music because they are pretty boys even if they can't sing that good! What ever happened to the real bands ? Why are there no real new bands on the British music scene anymore ?. We need to bring our music back

 to a real perspective by stopping the saturation of boy bands and bringing in some female bands that play their own instruments , Perhaps that might even it up a bit!  I Have been a musician a long time now and I think it is unfair on the musicians with talent that are being replaced by these so called boy bands that all sound and look the same, Perhaps I am getting old, But I know what I like and it is real music !


Sorry for moaning , But I think it is time to bring back our real music !

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  1. I agree with you. Here in America we have the same bullshit with these no talent clowns that look good in pics but no talent worth a damn and the Yanks are lapping it up like cats and dogs. If people would stop buying that crap and support real music then we'd see change-for real!