Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Loose Women team knows nothing about music!

Yes here I am having another moan! This time it is about the Loose women on ITV Television in the afternoon, I was appalled when Nadia Sawalha
said that Sir Paul McCartney can't sing after hearing him play with Ringo Star on the Grammy Awards , What a bloody nerve, She obviously has no ear for music ! To top it all, They are having
Danial O'Donnell  (who can't really sing that well) on their show the next day, Surly Sir Paul is better rated than Mr O'Donnell ? Where do they get these sensible (NOT) women from I ask myself ! 
Who ever pics the music for their show must be a bit tone deaf if they think that O'Donnell is better than Sir Paul McCartney ! I used to like watching Loose Women but that stupid comment has put me right off that program !

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