Friday, 31 January 2014

Remembering Joe Meek / Buddy Holly & Karen Carpenter .

It,s that time of year again when we remember some music Icon's , The first is the legendary 
Joe Meek who was the first independent record producer to do things with music what the big record company's thought unheard of ' Joe with his unique recording engineering broke the music mould and was a pioneer for the music sound he had yet to produce ! His artists were musicians and singers like  Heinz , Glenda Collins,The Honeycombs, The Outlaws, Mike Berry, The Blue Rhondo's, Michael Cox, The Tornado's
and even Tom Jones and many more ! Joe was a soft spoken man who knew what he wanted to hear in a  sound, His skill's were second to none,
His main rival was a man called Curley Clayton who had a studio that he built in Highbury Grove N5 , I myself have seen both studio's, And although the Highbury studio was bigger it lacked the atmosphere that 304 Holloway Rd had, Hence I only went to Curly's once !  Although some people have said that Joe had a bad temper, He was always nice and polite to me!
Long live the Joe Meek memory ! Joe died on the 3rd of Feb 1967 .

And now it is time to remember Buddy Holly who died in a plane crash along with Richie Valence & The Big Bopper,  Buddy Holly was a singer/guitarist that sang some great songs along with the Crickets (his band) he made hits with songs like , Maybe Baby, That'l be the day, True love ways, Peggy Sue and many more, The list goes on & on, Buddy was admired by Joe Meek who loved his music with a passion! Buddy will always be remembered as a music legend, His music will never die !

And finally we remember Karen Carpenter who died on 4th Feb 1983 she was just 33
She lost her battle with Anorexia and died of a massive heart attack, Her velvet smooth voice along with her brother Richard,Sang songs like
Close to you, Sweet sweet smile,Mr postman, Goodbye to love & many more songs, Karen will never be forgotten.

Although these Icons are well missed, We must thank them all for their Legacy that they have left behind , R.I.P our legends !

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