Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Pirateers Band

Back in my younger days, Like most young lads I was fascinated with Pirates and Galions etc, Well, I Just come across a Band called...
        The PIRATEERS  a great old fashioned sounding band from Cornwall UK , So here they are , Read their story

Cornwall's biggest ever, yet still unsigned band of musical Pirates. A powerhouse of magical British talent, taking the world by storm.
A timeless band of Cornish brothers gone Bodmin who you can and see on You Tube at PIRATEERS and hear at
Cornwall's Biggest Band of minstrel Pirates and jokers, hail from Bodmin in Cornwall where massively catchy songs, from the hugely talented Freeman / Morris song writing team, will make you sing in your sleep.
The colour and spectacle of the Pirate dream we have all dreamed is celebrated here in song. An odd but original mix of Mumford meets Fisherman's Friends, U2 and the Lumineers all rolled into one, is a beautiful mix of outstanding musicianship and word smithing. The festival busting Pirateers are an absolute hoot as well. 

About time the record industry had a smile on its face and took a trip into the less serious side of life.

Find the Pirateers on:



Basic Info
Joined Facebook 04/29/2013
Genre MOR - Folk Rock - Shanty - Comedy
Members Posh Jon Black, Two Tears Morrish & a hoard of pirates
Hometown Kernow - Cornwall
Influences Money, booze and women. Not necessarily in that order
Current Location Somewhere on an ocean
Contact Info
Press Contact 07752 919 414
Booking Agent Stone Multimedia
Life Events
18,500 YouTube Hits

So you see, There are still pirates, But now they only play great music !

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