Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Thunderbolt Magazine ( The Joe Meek Society ) Publication .

I am over the moon with the THUNDERBOLT  Magazine that I received on Monday 3rd March ! 
In this issue, I was interviewed by Mark Newson about my time with Joe Meek in 1965-66, Although I have already written about Joe Meek about 2 years ago on this very blog ! 

The magazine has got lots of great information on bands and musicians/singer's alike with plenty of great pics , I must say that I am very impressed with content of this great publication,

 Only 1 thing that I can find not quiet right was in my article the footnote 2 some of the info is wrong about me, A bit of a mix up I think as the interview was conducted over the phone,  The bit that is wrong are I lived in Southend Lane SE6 in 1969-1978, I played in The Castle pub with my Band who became Hush in 1970 for 2 nights a week, And then the band played in a pub at Wickford Essex called the Harrows 7 nights a week, And I now live in Sidcup Kent, Apart from these minor details, The rest of the article is correct, I was Known as Chris Barnes until 1971 and then I changed my name to Paul Burns.

This is me in 1965                    
on the left . on the right me 1970

  Joe Meek was a man who made a great change to the    1960s music industry with his way of recording, He proceeded to do things in the studio with sound that the BBC would have frowned on ! His unique Sound changed pop music forever ! Thunderbolt is a shining light that is keeping the name of Joe Meek alive and never forgotten ! 

 Copywriter  David Peters

 On this months issue is the story of Mike Sarne, Along with other great artists and original old adverts like the one for Rizla cigarette papers , The publication is most interesting for all lovers of the 1950s & 1960s not only the music, But the whole era of it all.

John Leyton , Just one of the artists that Joe recorded , Is on the back of the March issue ,The  picture is of the sheet music , Note the 2'6 pence
price on the right bottom corner ! The price of things have changed so much since then !

Also in this issue of Thunderbolt is the article about the remembrance bench seat that was put outside the shop where Joe Meek's Studio was so that the plaque (shown above ) could be looked upon while sitting outside the shop !

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Mark Newson ( editor ) and also Craig Newton for all the great news about the Joe Meek Society and wish them luck for the future .

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