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The Courtesans Female Rock band ( Wow )

I was just browsing on facebook as you do, When I came across a Great female Rock Band called ....

Wow, What a great sounding band & not only are they sexy , But they play their own instruments too ! What a great bonus today in the market of bands who don't play anything but just sing, It's like a breath of fresh air to the music industry, So Please read their biography bellow!


The Courtesans debut album '1917' shall coincide with the launch of the 2014 summer tour. Dark and sensual in audio as it is in the flesh.
Erotic, cinematic, atmospheric and as addictive as Absinthe; The Courtesans are a sensual 4 piece audio and visual experience, coming together from as far afield as Holland, Ireland, Poland and England. The release of their debut album is set to coincide with the 2014 summer tour.

LIGHT: Sinead La Bella was known in the capital as a wild card. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll were the vices of choice. She often woke restless from dreams filled with intoxicating scents, long, lost hours and memories of dark debauchery. But she wanted more – much more.

DARKNESS: Providence reigns supreme, and so it was that Sin met Jones - The bass doctrine of the foreseen revolution. A mysterious nowhere-girl with a cryptic past whom after a kiss from the Absinthe fairy in an ill-lit bar in London’s Soho, confessed all to Sin about her unfulfilled love of music, La Bella knew it was a sign, the union was sealed at that moment.

They had a voice and rhythm yet they were incomplete … They craved the angelic chords and driving heart beats ascribed by the devil’s own hand that had been playing in their ears. They needed to seek out the names to the faces that they had been seeing in their minds eye for what seemed like centuries

REBEL: After many days and nights of combing through the darkest, most hidden and dangerous corners of foggy London town, they found Saffire shining through the dark. A lone courtesan with a guitar strapped to her back. Sanchez was razor-sharp - a highly unstable chemical substance addiction with the dangerous element of unpredictability!

TEMPTATION: Now the only missing ingredient was a backbone, one who could hit the skins hard and fast whilst preaching peace, love and music. Miss Victoria Brown must have found one of the encoded messages left around town. Invisible to most, yet unmistakable to the enlightened. She could no longer ignore the hypnotic pounding of the drum that was calling her.
Victoria heard the call, understood completely and followed her destiny.

Sparks flew, eyes locked and half smiles played upon their lips as they fell slowly down the same rabbit hole to a secret, long forgotten place in their minds where they would devise a plot for the demise and downfall of homogenized sound, and the rise and exaltation of powerfully, seductive music wrapped tenderly in the feminine form.

Valkyrie with the fiery hair was the one, said Leonardo to his angels…
And The Courtesans were born.

Good morning sweetheart! We are The Courtesans. XXXX
Music that comes alive in the halflight of the bedroom. Feeding on scents that you know and you long for, undresses you without you knowing it, creeps slowly under your skin as you sleep. In your office, on the train. Skirts and suits fall off leaving just your bare instincts without the armour of labels, forced smiles and formalities that are worn every day. Let yourself go....

Basic Info
Created June 1, 2011
Release Date October 2011
Genre #doom #pop #triphop #rock #metal
Members Sinead La Bella - Vocals, Saffire Sanchez - Guitar, Agnes D. Jones - Bass, Victoria Brown - Drums
Hometown London
General Manager Howard Toshman
Influences Eroticism, Narcissism, Insanity, Feminism, Sexuality, Media, Violence, Society, Passion, Love, Equality... and many many others.
Current Location London UK
Contact Info
Press Contact
Booking Agent The Courtesans are available for National & International Bookings. Contact:

So there you have it, This band is going to be big, So look out for them in the near future, Good luck and happiness girls x

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