Friday, 22 August 2014

The Green Children Musician / Band

I was just browsing on facebook as you do, When yet again , I came upon a Video of a Band                                                                      called..
                      The Green Children
Wow , What a great sound they make, They remind me of the 90s band Enigma                             ( Sadness) etc, How refreshing is that sound, You can find them on youtube and all the other usual places on the net !

Basic Info.....
Founded 2006
Members Milla Sunde (Norway) & Marlow Bevan (England)
Hometown Ålesund & Warwick
Record Label Knightingale Entertainment
General Manager
Current Location Planet Earth
Contact Info
Press Contact UK: / Norway:
Booking Agent Norway:
Also On

I think that this band is going to go a long way, The sweet vocals and Tantilizing music makes them in my mind something to be reconed with!
So, Please check them out, I think you will be fascinated with their sound as much as I am !

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