Saturday, 11 April 2015

Building a 12 string Electric guitar from scrap etc Part 1

Hi, It's me blogin' again , This time it is about something completely different.
Some time ago,

My friend George gave me a broken 12 string Eros guitar that was unrepairable , It had been lobbed over a balcony and crunched in the body around the neck aria ,  Well one day I was looking at it and suddenly noticed that it had a bolt on neck, So on examination , I had an idea , Why not build a solid body and marry it to the neck, So I started, In my garden I had an old really thick wooden desk top, 
I Cut a piece off big enough to work with and started to mark out a body, The next stage was to cut it out with a jig saw,
After cutting it out, I had to chisel out the bit where the neck will fit, I did it and after some trial and era , I got it to fit , The next thing to do was to cut out the remaining bits of the body and then shape it etc, 

Now I have got a lot of sanding etc to do, I now have the makings of a 12 string Electric Guitar, I will keep you up to date as I continue with this project,
Part 2 coming soon !

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