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Hi, Here is some info about me for those of you who have not read this before on here a long time ago so here goe's...

Hi My name is Paul Burns, I started life as Christopher Paul Barnes and I was Born in a house 23 Comus Road, Upper Holloway London N19 where I lived with my parents till 5 March 1969, I first started with guitar when I was bought an italian acoustic guitar for my 9th birthday, My late elder brother John knew three chords and he taught them to me, I drove my parents mad with that guitar, Then on my 13th birthday my dad took me to our local music shop in Holloway road called BERRY's Music, He got me my first electric guitar a Hofner Colourama ,

 I had that guitar for about a couple of years or so, Then came my 15th Birthday and another guitar was got for me so I could advance in my playing,This one was a Hofner Verithin, About the age of 14,I joined my first proper band and was playing at least 2 nights a week in local pubs etc,The Band was called Mick Daley and his Northern Stars, After a while i became really good at playing . One day I was walking down Holloway Road on my way to the music shop When I saw a load of amps and guitars being taken in to a shop a few doors down from the music shop,So being a nosey little sod,I went to investigate, The shop was a hand bag and umbrella shop no 304 Holloway road, So I went in to the shop and asked why the equipment was going upstairs, The lady replied, There is a recording studio up stairs, So I went up and knocked on the door, It was opened by a man who said can I help you, I explained that I was a Singer / Guitarist and was asked in to the studio, Little did I know that the man who let me in was Joe Meek who wrote Telstar the no ! hit for the Tornados in the early 60s, 

At this time it was 1966 and I was young and a bit green . I started to train as a sound engineer and in return I would do odd jobs around the studio, I made a few recordings with Joe in his studio, One Band was with my brother John called the Rapids , Other members were Mick Dowd on Bass and a guy called Vince on rhythm guitar an myself playing lead guitar and lead vocal and John played drums , Only a demo was made. I left that band to join another Band called The Lariat's , a country band that were playing 3 nights a week in a pub called the Half Moon in Holloway road Upper Holloway N19, One day I decided that I needed an echo unit, So I Told Joe Meek the next time that I saw him, To my amazment he gave me a Klempt Echolette echo unit ,

It was what he made some of the sound effects on the record Telstar, If only I had known then what I know now I would have kept it, Just this week one on E-bay went for £800 , How much would that one be worth if I had kept it ?, Towards the end of 1966, Joe Meek & I was talking about making a comic record after Christmas, I did not go to the studio for a few weeks but when I did, Hienz Bert told me he was too busy to see anyone, That was in November 1966 so I Thought I would leave it till the new year , On February 7th 1967 my mum was reading the local news paper and to my horror, She read that Joe Meek had commited suicide on 3/2/1967, The rest is history. In 1969 my Parents had to move down to south London and I had to leave my band. In 1970 I joined a Band after answering an advert in the paper, I Joined as a lead guitarist, After a year of rearanging members and a lot of practice, We got a Job with the Wheatley taverns man Bob Wheatley A Millionaire who had a load of pubs in Essex , We started at a pub called The Harrows near Wickford Essex on the A127 road to Southend. We played 7 nights a week , We called the band Impact but we found out that it was already some other bands name,So then we bacame HUSH and we stayed at that place for nearly 2 years,  Thank for reading this  blog, paulburns07@hotmail.co.uk . pbpaulburns2@gmail.com paulburns07.blogspot.com (blog ) 

Things have advanced since then and I now play in a Band called 
Classic cover Band

You can read  about more Bands/ Music & much more on this blog,
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