Thursday, 14 July 2016

Simply Retro ( Mick our drummer is retiring )

Hi, It is sad news to say, But our Drummer Mick is retiring from playing drums, He can't take the strain anymore on his body.

 Mick Taylor
  But never fear , In the midst is another drummer called Dave Bennett , Now Dave is filling in for Mick so we can now get on with what we need to do ie play out at gigs. We have already done one gig on the 8th of July at the Wickham Arms and we went down well,  Our next gig is at the Wickham Arms , Upper Brockley Rd , London SE4 on the 12th of August, So come along and give us some support please, It is free admission and we will be playing 50s, 60s & 70s Classic Rock & Pop music to make you move your feet. on the 11th July, We went to a jam night at HG Wells Labour Club at Bromley, Kent , We had a great time and we also met a few great musicians including the legendary Andy Clark who also played in Joe Meek's Studio and on TOTP with the Crunch ! Our friend Ravi who is a great Bass player Runs the show and is a good host !
So stay tuned and we will update this post !

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