Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Beatles

This is a story of a group of four guys from Liverpool, It begun in the early 1960s, These four boys got together after a few changes here and there, And so was born The Beatles, Their fabulous sound soon made them the most famous band in the history of music! Just in case you are too young to know who the Beatles were, here goes' John Lennon(Rhythm guitar / vocal) George Harrison(Lead guitar / vocals) Paul McCartney(Bass / vocals) Ringo Star(Drums / vocal) They had tons of hit records including  Please please me, She loves you, A hard days night, Get Back, Back in the USSR, Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band, Black bird, The list goes on and on, The band were a great success until John Lennon's Death in 1980 he was shot dead in the USA. Their music will never be forgotten, Also the music that they wrote can be played in any style that you want to, It sounds good as Jazz, Pop, Classical, Monologue etc, That's how versatile the Beatles were, In fact, Although the music and lyrics were written by Lennon and McCartney, Since John's Death, Paul has Written a whole stack of songs ,He went on to form Wings and had more hits like Jet, Band on the run, to mention just a couple! Paul is still playing concerts etc even now! What a musical career he has had !

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