Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hardcore old school

I remember back in the early 90s when I was DJing in a club in Woolwich Dockyard called 40s, The club only opened on Friday & Saturday night, But It was always packed out, I was Playing & promoting Hardcore ie: Prodigy  XL Records , Black Diamond records was another etc, What used to annoy me was that other people used to shun hardcore and say that it was not real music, But I tell you, It took a lot of hard work to put some of those trax together, I know because I have tried it Not successfully I may add, At this time , I was on 17 mailing lists  and also doing Radio at GCRM in the McBeen Centre in Woolworth, I was doing 5 shows per week and as it was community radio , I had a good selection of Club Music to offer my listeners. That was a great era for Club music as it was very popular and some of that sound has returned in today's music market! I still to this day have a great selection of vinyl & I am very reluctant to get rid of it, BRING BACK VINYL, Its better than Cd's !

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