Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Just as I thought it was safe to look at my mail, I suddenly discovered an E-mail telling me about a
band called SKULL KING, Wow ! I had to listen to this band, So I went to their website as yo do, And after listening to a few songs , I must say I am glad I did ! SKULL KING  are a Progressive Metal Rock band which are from Chicago, Formed in 2010 a relatively new band, But they are great'   Members are, Nick Di Nardo ( vocals ) Paul Button ( guitar) Clifford Hunt ( Bass ) and Brian Printy ( drums ), They sound a bit like Motorhead but with much better vocal with great wild guitar solo's , They have a good beat with an exciting sound! Songs include , Punching water,  Whistleblower, Never, A price to pay, Separate ways , Not one more day,  All these songs have been well written and produced' I think we will hear a lot from SCULL KING in the future , So look out for them !   

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