7 Seconds Bad Luck is a project developed within the twisted mind of Tee Sullivan.
    Hailing from west Florida and brought up on hard and heavy rock & metal.
    Kiss was an important fixture in my developmental years,often mocking Gene and air-guitaring,
    while blasting a 30 foot flame from my 120 pound frame,just like the demon.
    After getting a million to 1 shot at meeting Frank Marino of Mahogany Rush...,I swore by the guitar gods
    I would someday play.

    Playing local gigs with a gaggle of loose screws,I managed to get some notoriety with a band called
    Toi Boxx.Got my 1st look at a studio and it scared the hell outta me.Problem was getting original tunes in place.
    Drugs,and alcohol eventually took its toll,and God relieved our singer from any further duties. RIP Bill.
    TNVM was soon formed afterward.(Thermal Nuclear Vaginal Meltdown) being able to say the name
    correctly at midnight would get you party favors,not many could say it,without help.
    Which brings us to present day.
    I am a one man project in search of a dream and one good,no,,, one great last ride.
    You can't listen to the music,you have to experience it.Live it,feel it.
    7SBL has 2 albums out,Fresh Ink was released in April 2011 and The Storm,
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    More than Metal less than Country a new breed of Rock that Rolls with the Heavy Metal Sound that makes up 7 Seconds Bad Luck.
    You don't listen to the music you experience it.
    Band Interests
    hate mail

    Basic Info


    Release DateApril 18,2011


    MembersTee Sullivan

    HometownHard Rock Florida

    Record Labelunsigned

    InfluencesNirvana,Led Zep,Megadeth,Metallica,Roy Clark,I said Roy Clark,Jimi,The Doors,Motorhead,Judas Priest,Iggy,Ozzy,Lemmy,Iggy,Ozzy,Lemmy,Iggy,Ozzy,Lemmy,whoooo
    Def Leppard,Queen,Black Sabbath Ted Nugent,Styx,Reo Speedwagon,Zakk Wylde,Black Label Society,Foos,Alice,Alice In Chains,Bachman Turner,Stevie Ray,RUSH,Kiss,Motley Crue,The Who,Rolling Stones,Johnny Cash,The Bodonkadonk man Trace,the Fixx,Ac/Dc,Aerosmith,Foghat,3Dog Night,Grand Funk,Funkadelics,Kc and the sunshine band,Conway Twitty,the anti-Christ Justin Beiber,Justin Temberlake,and Britknee Speers.

    Current LocationHard Rock Florida

    Contact Info As you can see, This Band has a lot of great

    Influences, That makes them interesting ! The music
    is in good context as to make you listen and that's good !

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