Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bluesdacious Blues / Rock Band

This is about a Blues / Rock band called
The band have a classic Rock / Blues sound and are versatile in the music that they produce, The vocals are second to none and the musicianship is absolutely out of this world, The Band comes from Dumfries UK and are a fabulous sounding Band ! Below is a bit of what they have to say '
Here's the hard bit, but here goes. I've sung from an early age, school choirs, operatic societies - my music teacher told me singing rock would ruin my voice! After leaving the Royal Navy in 1984 I started my first real band, the Flaming Yellow Cortinas, we used to play 3 or 4 times a year, learn 28 new songs have 3 practices and do it - music by the seat of your pants! Next up was the Dry Stane Dykers, where for all you musos out there I replaced Willie Davidson. With children arriving I took some time out and then returned in Roxx where I stayed for a couple of years before that came to its natural conclusion. After a long spell of not being in a band a friend of mine who was also friendly with Alex Wilson suggested I try out for Iron Claw, so did that and replaced Willie Davidson. The music for the album "A Different Game" had all been recorded and I was given the opportunity to write some lyrics, 10 of the songs on that album have mine. The way I approached it was to immerse myself in the tunes and see what they brought to mind, hopefully when you listen to the lyrics you'll get where I was coming from. The album, is in my opinion full of some really great work, musically I think it does what it says on the tin, heavy rock with a blues flavour, some of the guitar work from Jim Ronnie is amazing, but the pairing of Alex Wilson and Ian McDougall was really quite special, I wish them well with whatever their futures hold. However, Iron Claw was not for me, the music I err towards is more a mixture of the bands I grew up listening to giving a mixture of British Blues, Southern Boogie and Chicago Blues with a hint of bluegrass chucked in for good measure.
Hope you enjoy the songs I've listed, your comments will be appreciated. Some of the early recording were done with a mic suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the hall, but I think you'll get the idea even with the poor sound quality. There are more to come as I track them down, one in particular is really (in my opinion!) very good and I'm looking forward to putting it up, if the cassette tape it's on hold out!
A new band is now in the final stages of formation, all seasoned musicians, I think it's going to be fun - because at the end of the day, if it ain't fun, don't do it.
Songs are : 1, What love left.
                    2, Saga.
                    3, The traveller.
                    4, Southern sky.
                    5, My way down.
                    6, Falling down.
                    7, Love is blind.
                    8, A different game.
                    9, It's easy.
                             10, Angel woman.


Band Members:
Gordon Brown (Vocals), The Flaming Yellow Cortinas, Dry Stane Dykers, Roxx, Iron Claw
Active Since:
Blues / Blues Rock / Rock


I hope this band does well in the future, as they are well worth listening to, The tracks above can be heard on their website, So listen out for them!

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