Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lydia Can't Breathe Rock / Metal Band

You know, I keep hearing about a Rock Metal Band called  LYDIA CAN'T BREATHE, So , I thought I had better Investigate this band! It turns out That after listening to them on their website, I think they have a great future in the Rock music industry ! Once you get into their songs after all the screaming stops, You get really great vocals, Great guitar music riffs, A real great driving drum beat and a full sound that is not only interesting , But infectious to the ears! This band is a must if you have not heard them! Please read their biography bellow !
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Genres: Metal / Hard Rock / Progressive Rock
Members: Kyle Bolduc (Vocals) Dan Wilson (Guitar) Shad Roundy (Bass) Josh Runfeldt (Drums)
Today rock music and metal music seems to have been masked, manipulated, and drawn with every characterization possible. With genres of stagnate duplications and pools of curiously aggressive music addicts, the looming fans looking for an outlet have come to find Florida quartet Lydia Can’t Breathe. Over the past few years they have made a lot of noise in the metal scene. While constructing a sound unique to the usual genre classifications, this metal/rock band from Florida defies the normal sound with an exciting mixture of growling vocals, natural vocals, driving an over tone of heavy break downs with catchy progressions.
Lydia Can’t Breathe is an American rock band from Central Florida, formed in 2005. It consists of Kyle Bolduc (lead vocals, guitar), Dan Wilson (guitar), Shad Roundy (bass, background vocals) and Josh Runfeldt (drums). All four members were born in the United States, and are known for their funny personalities. Dan emphasizes on the heavy sound with his guitar. Josh fits in comfortably with a variety of styles on drums, and Shad fills in the low end with a funky style of deep bass. Lead singer Kyle, is known widely amongst Lydia fans for his unique views that are expressed outspokenly in his lyrics. Along with his inapprehensible behavior while performing, together their styles combined make up the sound of Lydia Can't Breathe.

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