Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Centerfold Rock Band

You know when sometimes every now and then you keep seeing something and it starts to bug you , Well' I keep seeing this bands name popping up and tempting my attention, The name of the band is  CENTREFOLD , So I decided to look them up and to my surprise they are a fab sounding band, The musicianship is rather brilliant, The vocals are also great, The percussion is solid, In fact I can not fault them in any way, Please read biography bellow !


Rising from the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada comes Centrefold, a hard-hitting rock act ready to take on anything that comes their way. Hot off the floor of Ear Art music studios, Centrefold has their first full length album recently released. Working with talented producer Tim Neuhaus, Centrefold is determined to flood the airwaves and ears of rock and rollers everywhere.
One of their major accomplishments was just recently being announced in the Top 20 of the Vancouver Fox Seeds 2011 Indie competition. After a round of online voting amongst 650 bands, Centrefold broke into the 2nd and 3rd rounds to The Live Showcase Showdown where they performed in front of a panel of judges/industry personnel. Centrefold has shared the stage with musicians from bands such as The Tea Party, Our lady Peace, Zygote and I Mother Earth.
From the guitar driven sounds of Lee Barbour, captivating vocals of Ameet Gajjar, resonating bass melodies of Jordan Sadowski and commanding drum beats of David Fox, this group of four is ready to tear the face off of rock and roll.

The band are

David Fox

David started playing music at the age of 8. He started with guitar and bass but finally settled on drums, his 12 years behind kit have seen him through cover bands and instrumental groups. Now firmly planted in Centrefold David draws from his influences from bands like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains to blend his solid beats with his favourite fills. The 22 year old holds down the stage like he owns it, and never fails to put on a show!

Lee Barbour

Lee first picked up the guitar at age 13, as a way to play along with his favourite bands. Today, he strives to produce his own original riffs and style. With the help of his influences, Ed Roland, Ian Thornley, and Chad Kroeger Lee is able to create catchy melodies and loud, in your face, music. Now 25, He looks forward to bigger and better shows.

Jordan Sadowski

Jordan first picked up the bass guitar at age 16. Music has been his passion ever since he was first able to pick up his dad's Areosmith 'Permanent Vacation' record. Jordan's middle name Tyler was actually given to him in reference of Steven Tyler - the lead singer of Aerosmith. Jordan has a varied musical interest ranging from bands like Alexisonfire, All That Remains to Nine Inch Nails and Eminem.

Ameet Gajjar

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Contrary to belief, as a child Ameet was beyond shy, cringing at the thought of the spotlight. However, after an early introduction to rock and roll greats like Led Zeppelin, Jimmy hendrix and the beetles, Ameet started a life long love affair with music. After first getting bitten by the performance bug in his teenage years Ameet strives to perfect his craft, writting stand out melodies and captivating audiences. So there you go , I was so right to investigate this band of musical geniuses,This is a band that should not be ignored!
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