Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sarah Mason UK Singer/Songwriter

I just got a follow on twitter by a young lady who writes and produces her own songs, I had to investigate and so , May I introduce to you '
                 SARAH MASON '
This wonderful young lady has a great voice and she is also a good keyboard player! Her songs are well written and keep up with today's sounds but retain good quality in the making, Sarah has a famous dad ( Fred Manton) who played in a band in 1964 called the Rest, Fred plays lead guitar on a few of Sarah's songs and does a great job of it! 

Her album is called   ( Its Alright ) and the songs are,
1,I wanna be free
2,Pick up the phone
3,Devil eyes
4,I'm Burning
5,It's Alright
6,Give it to me
7,I wont cry
8,I'm addicted to you
9,My everything
10,Power over me

The album is available on I Tunes.
I must say that I am very impressed with the songs that Sarah has written ,and I love her voice. So there it is, Look out for this fabulous artist as I am sure she will be a big success in the future!

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