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In memory of Buddy Holly & Joe Meek who both died on Feb 3rd

Hi , Once again we remember two pioneers of pop music to commemorate their death here is the story of  BUDDY HOLLY & Joe Meek who both died on Feb 3rd.

The first was Mr Buddy Holly who died on Feb 3rd 1959  in a plane crash along with Richie Valence  , The Big Bopper , It was a great loss to the music industry !  Buddy Holly influenced most of the pop and Rock musicians of the 1960s & 1970s including myself, I still play a couple of his songs even now! Along with his backing band  The Crickets , He took over the music scene with songs like  Crying Waiting hoping, Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue got married, Oh boy, Just to mention a few of his fabulous songs, Buddy Holly will always be remembered for his unique sounding voice and music style!

Left, Buddy Holly
Right  Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

The next great pioneer to mention is Mr Joe Meek ( Robert George Meek) Who was the founder of RGM Sound  & Meeksville who built his own recording studio in a flat above a shop that sold handbags and umbrella's etc called Shentons at 304 Holloway Road N7  He has worked with many artists including Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Billy J Kramer, Peter J and the Jay walkers, The Checkmates, Heinz Bert, Chase Hodges of (Chas& Dave),The Honeycombs, The Outlaws, Screaming Lord Such, The Blue Rondos, Geoff Goddard, Just to mention a few, The list goes on and on! Joe Meek was mostly known for TELSTAR by The Tornado's , The record was a number 1 hit for the band and was written by Joe Meek himself, He woke up in the middle of the night with the tune in his head , He got up out of bed in the middle of the night just to sing it on to his tape machine, The rest is history,  Other songs were Just like Eddie by Heinz, Then there was songs like Johnny Remember me & Wild Wind both by John Leyton, A tribute to Buddy Holly by Mike Berry & the Outlaws, Have I the right by The Honeycombs etc etc as I said the list goes on and on , Joe Meek finally died from gunshot  wounds in his studio stairway on Feb 3rd 1967 when he was supposedly committed suicide (disputable). He will always be remembered for his unique sound that he called the bathroom sound , His techniques  inspired many recording artists and studios alike, The legacy lives on. There is also a picture of the late Lonnie Donegan in the RGM sound studio ( bellow)

The Honeycombs, Their record  Have I the right was a great Hit for the band who are still gigging to this day!

          Bellow , Heinz  on his own after leaving the Tornado's to make a solo career, Just like Eddie was his biggest hit!

                         Lonnie Donegan  one of the many who the legendary Joe Meek Recorded, Does your chewing gum lose its flavour, Rock Island Line, Don't you Rock me Dady'O  were just some of his songs.

The Tornado's Had their first no 1 hit with Telstar, Other tunes were  Globetrotter, Life on Venus, The Ice cream man, Robot  and many more , All were recorded at Joe Meek's  RGM Studio.

This plaque is outside the studio window at 304 Holloway road where Joe Meek made history with his recordings !
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