Thursday, 7 February 2013

Slippery when wet Rock Band .USA.

Here is a rock band that that followed me on twitter last year, I have finally got around to reviewing them, Well here goes!  Slippery When Wet  is the name of the band, And I must say they do sound good, Nice solid drums, Precise guitar playing and nice bass, The only thing that I think would improve them is to turn down the echo on the vocals, This Girl has got a nice sexy voice but too much echo spoils it a bit, Apart from that they are a great Rock Band!

         Home town :Temp,AZ,US
         Genres:Rock/Classic   Rock/Alternative  Rock.
Members: Linda Vee Sado,Vox,Rhythm guitar,Composer etc,
Count Von Shadow,Lead guitar.

 I think we will be hearing more from this band in the future , Their sound is unique to them and the type of music that they play is hard to discribe but make no mistake , They are GREAT!

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