Saturday, 16 March 2013

A 1950s Record player bettter than CDs

Hi, Its me again, You know , I was helping my neighbour to clear her loft when we came across an old 1950s Valve Record player by Murphy, It has a Colaro auto changer turntable , My Neighbour was going to throw it in the skip, So I asked if I could have it, Well I got it home , And after a bit of a struggle I got the lid that was stuck tight to open, Wow was I surprised, After a good clean and a bit of persuasion, I got it working and boy does it sound great, It brings back memories to when I was a lad, Better than any of the new stereo systems of today! Why did those idiots have to invent the CD, Vinyl is much better sound wise and more personal to operate !

The famous Colaro autochanger.

Front panel with Volume / Tone / on/off knobs etc.

I have looked on E-bay and I can not see anything like this record player so perhaps it is a rare one!

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  1. I had a weird dream last night that I bought Carole King's Tapestry and played it almost non-stop on a record player. Reading this could have been the reason. It was a good dream, though.