Monday, 8 April 2013

The Rockits Cover Band ( England)

5..4..3..2..1  we have lift off.....The ROCKITS........ are go....., Well now I have grabed your attention, This is to introduce you to ...........THE ROCKITS cover band from the Uk!

The ROCKiTS are John Doris, Mike Beck, Chris Grindrod, Justin “Jutt” Crowe and Rob Bridge. Collectively and individually the band have played in venues all around the world from pubs, bars and clubs to theatres, stadia and large festivals. They have performed on local and national radio stations around the world and appeared on TV and in movie soundtracks.
 They play everything from the Beatles to the Faces and much much much more, Read their Biography bellow!

Playing songs from  1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s & 2000s , Every song a winner!


The Rockits are one the finest 50s and 60s tribute bands in the UK, performing an infectious set list of classic rock'n'roll, from artists such as The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Kinks, Small Faces, Elvis, Spencer Davis and many more.
Following her chance meeting with The Rockits in 2011, Julia Baird quickly recommended them for a weekly residency at Liverpool's Cavern Club, which is ongoing through 2012. They have proved highly successful in their regular Friday night slot and are quickly becoming one of the most requested live acts on the circuit.
The Rockits are Chris Grindrod (bass/vocals), Rob Bridge (guitar/vocals), John Doris (guitar/vocals), Justin Crowe (keyboards/vocals) and Mike Beck (drums/vocals). Their collective history and experience spans three decades including numerous TV, radio and festival appearances. More recently, they have played privately for Wayne Rooney and have been invited to feature at international music events in Dubai, Israel and Kathmandu. Summer 2012 also sees The Rockits headlining The Cavern 60s Review Show – a new addition to The Cavern Club calendar on Sunday afternoons through July and August.
Individually, the band members have been regulars at Beatle Week since the 1980s, but they made their first appearance as The Rockits in 2011 and were widely acknowledged as one of the year’s highlights. They are returning this year in a number of shows including A Tribute to John Lennon at the Philharmonic Hall, which sees a reunion with legendary tribute artist Gary Gibson after more than ten years. They will also be found performing A Hard Day’s Night on The Album Stage at Mathew Street Festival.
2012 promises to be an exciting Beatle Week for The Rockits, who are now well-established on The Beatles circuit and have become a firm favourite with many visitors to Liverpool. They are a sharp refreshing blow right between the eyes, delivering passion, energy and fun with every performance.
Completely addictive… and guaranteed to raise a smile.
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